Children dressed as police officers at a school party in Russia

Popular instagram publics discuss video and photos from the Last Bell school party in a secondary school in Vladivostok, Russia.

Последний звонок

Graduates decided to approach the celebration of a landmark event in the life of each student in a very original way, wearing a variety of costumes. So, some young people were wearing shorts and suspenders on their naked bodies; they had masks with rabbit ears on their heads. Some girls chose for themselves the costumes of uniforms of the police, while the ammunition included toy pistols and knives.

In the video, which was recorded at the entrance to the school, you can also see a dancing graduate with a jacket with the inscription «OMON» (the so-called special detachment of the Russian police) on the back and with a toy gun in their hands.

The “Last Bell” in Vladivostok was celebrated on May 23. This year, 2,674 people will graduate from municipal educational institutions in Vladivostok.

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