Russian security forces competed in the management of underwater robots

The competition was called Aquareobotech 2019.

In Vladivostok, the team of the 1st naval detachment of the Eastern District of the Russian Guard has won third place at the all-Russian competitions “Aquareobotech 2019” in the management of underwater robots.

During the competition, the developers of marine drones and professional practitioners from the Russian Guard and other law enforcement agencies of Russia demonstrated their skills. In total — 19 teams.

The Russian Guard team was represented by the military platoon divers of the boat division of the 1st naval detachment of the Eastern District of the National Guard of the Russian Federation — the winners of Aquareobotekha-2018: platoon commander captain Alexander Gizitdinov, group 1 chief midshipman Sergey Lozhkin, instructor midshipman Alexander Levchuk and diver chief station senior midshipman Ivan Legkovoy.

Подводный аппарат, робот, море
The participants completed a series of specific tasks — high-speed deployment of the hardware complex, detection of objects by coordinates, classification of “mines”, transportation and storage of items found, and also carried out underwater search work.

At the competition for the search for flooded objects, the Rosgvardets came up with a special apparatus Seamor 300T, which belongs to the category “A” — robots weighing up to 30 kg. To date, the remote-controlled unmanned apparatus for use at depths of up to 300 meters has established itself as the most effective in its category, the press service of the Russian Guard.

The Rosguard team was one of the favorites of the competition. Last year, at the “Aquarelobotekh-2018”, the Rosgvardey became winners.

Seamor 300T is a remote-controlled underwater vehicle (TNPA) with a working depth of 300 meters. He is able to carry out various types of technical and research work underwater, as well as carry out various research, rescue and search operations. Using the apparatus, search and inspection of sunken objects are carried out.

Using the Seamor 300T significantly reduces the time of search and rescue operations, makes it possible to observe the object for an unlimited time and perform the most detailed inspection at the same time.

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